VIDEO: How To Tie The Fish-Skull Deceiver

One of the most popular saltwater patterns of all time, maybe one of the most popular choices for chasing down any predator as a matter of fact, the Deceiver is known far and wide for being effective. Adding a Fish-Skull Fish Mask from Flymen Fishing Company just ups the anti and adds another level of realism to this pattern that big fish won’t be able to shy away from.

Whether you’re targeting a school slashing at a bait ball or searching for cruising singles that are looking for a big baitfish meal, this pattern will let you feel the power of a saltwater game fish’s strike. Learn to tie the Fish-Skull Deceiver below and if you didn’t get this fly shipped to your house like our Tribe Members, sign up now to get new patterns delivered to your daily every month. 

Check out the list of materials and a printout of the tying instructions below, if you don’ like tying to a video. “It’s called old fashioned.” Don’t worry, we get it.

The Fish-Skull Deceiver Postfly Tying Recipe
Learn to tie this big, feisty baitfish pattern, the Fish-Skull Deceiver and start chasing down big saltwater game fish.

Tired of having to find materials on your own instead of just cracking a beer and waiting for them to show up at your mailbox? Sign up for a Postfly tying subscription now and get ready for the long, dark winter nights at the vise


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