Product Review: Bluesmiths Hydrophobic Shirts

Last spring I was lucky enough to get a surprise package from the good people at Bluesmiths, which contained their classic hydrophobic shirt. The note mentioned that they hoped I would put it to the test in a fishing environment, as the product already has a strong following in the paddle sports world… so, of course, I planned a bonefish trip. Kidding. It just so happened that I had a bonefishing trip on the schedule for my birthday in early April, so I told them that I would bring the shirt along to see how it performed. Before I dive in here, let me just say that this product does not disappoint.

Fooled once again!
Smile for your close up…

Let’s start with the pros:

– Lightweight & surprisingly breathable

– Extremely water repellent

– Technical design, without looking too “techy”

– While the shirt is breathable, it also serves as excellent insulation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And then there are the cons:

– At $95.00 the shirt is a bit more expensive than other technical shirts in the fishing market

– This should go without saying, but the water resistant pocket is not a good place to store electronics…

At the end of the day, the Kahana shirt by Bluesmiths is a high-quality product. Engineered for board & paddle sports, the shirt transitions seamlessly onto the flats… You can get yours here.


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