Fantasy Locations We Wish We Could Fish

“I wish I could fish that”, I said to my girlfriend while watching Lord of the Rings the other night. We’ve all had that thought once in a while during a sweeping aerial shot of breathtaking fantasy locations, and we excited to offer exclusive fishing packages with your favorite dream locations!

White Walker Fishing

Ice Fishing with White Walkers
* When they aren’t plotting their conquest south of the wall, the white walkers are well known for their ice fishing skills north of the wall. Get out to the lodge with a simple 4-hour flight by ice dragon, or get the dire-wolf package for an authentic trek north through picturesque icy landscapes
* Travel insurance does not cover Wildling raids, so stay frosty out there!

Fly Fish Gondor

Dry Fly Fishing in Gondor
* Let our guides take you out on some of the best dry fly fishing available in Middle Earth, fish beneath the Argonath. Just watch out for Smeagol, as he has a penchant for taking fish off the end of your line, taking your precious fly. If you’re lucky you may find the one tippet ring to rule them all!
* Don’t miss out on our Mt. Doom day trip where you will be able to drop any magic ring of your choice into the fiery lava pool!
* Travel insurance does not cover rogue orc attacks or sudden urges to put on rings

Fly Fish Dorne

The Sand Flats of Dorne
* Let our Dornish guiding staff, the Sand Snakes, take you out on the stunning bonefish flats of their homeland. Their stealthy wading skills will be put to use to land you the fish of a lifetime.
* Travel Insurance will not cover poisoned hook point injuries

Fly Fish Dagoba

SUP Fishing the Swamps of Dagobah
* Fish with head guide. Yoda, you will. Row and pole through the verdant green, mangroves on the hunt for snook and juvenile tarpon deep in the Dagoba backcountry. Let Yoda and the Force guide you to the fish of your dreams.
* Travel insurance does not cover droid loss or hallucinogenic visions of your father

Fly Fish Hoth

Steelheading on Hoth
* Pack your Taun-Taun fur buff for this trip. Cold weather gear will be required as you swing flies for the legendary steelhead runs of the ice planet Hoth.
* Our skilled guides will help you avoid the stormtrooper patrols and wandering AT-AT’s
* Be sure to pack your lightsaber for this one as wampa (ice yeti) encounters are not uncommon
* Travel Insurance will not cover ice yeti attacks or risky rescue missions

Fly Fish Endor

Native Brook Trout Fishing on Endor
* Let our Ewok guides take you up tiny wild trout streams full of giant brook trout deep in their protected forest
* Travel Insurance does not offer coverage in case of an Empire invasion

Fly Fish Westworld

Chase Giant Host Trout in Westworld
* Just ask your host where their favorite fishing hole is and they will show you to the pristine creeks filled with host cutthroat, bull trout, arctic char and massive brown trout.
* Ask for the Ghost Nation package to spend time fishing sacred protected lands deep in the park
* Travel Insurance does not cover recently self-realized android attacks or total park meltdowns

Our outfitting services and subscription packages can get you totally set up for any of these adventure packages. So grab your latest Postfly Box, a Wade Rod and book now!

10 thoughts on “Fantasy Locations We Wish We Could Fish

  1. Steve June 7, 2018 / 12:51 am

    Target pike on the fly in Great Lake with grizzly old fly guide Hagrid. Just a short ride from Hogwarts – watch out for the mermaids…

  2. Matt June 12, 2018 / 5:08 pm

    I’d like to add the chocolate river at Wonka’s factory. I hear the gumdrop nymphing is awesome!

  3. John Softcheck July 1, 2018 / 12:59 pm

    Who edited the Star Wars entries?…
    Dagoba should be Dagobah
    Ton-Ton should be Taun Taun
    and “Ice Yetis”? Try Wampa

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