5 Reasons to Start Fly Fishing

You’ve thought about it long enough…here are you 5 reasons to start fly fishing TODAY!

It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself

Fly fishing takes some patience and practice. From learning new knots to reading the water to honing your casting skills, this style of fishing offers seemingly unending opportunities to challenge yourself on and off the water. Seriously, can you even think of another time you’ve had to tie a clinch knot in twenty degree weather with frozen rod guides and blowing wind as pig rainbows noms nymphs left and right? Exactly.

It will take you places you’ve never been

Chasing trout, and really, any species of fish, will take you places you never expected. While we all have our tried and true honey holes, exploring new opportunities (both locales and species) will uncover so many new destinations for your must-visit list. Hidden high country creeks for elusive, endemic trout? Check. Salt flats of the Bahamas for feisty bones? Check. Backwoods lakes of New England for massive bass and pike? Check! Whether you’re traveling solo or planning a family vacation, there’s one rule: Always bring a rod. You’ll experience your destination in a whole new way, guaranteed. 

It’s relaxing 

We’ll be the first to admit it: fly fishing can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. We prefer the former. With our lives as busy as they are – day jobs, side hustles, dog ownership, families, and an ever-growing list of random responsibilities – fly fishing starts looking like a pretty damn relaxing way to spend a few hours (or days). Think about it. How many meditation apps have the calming sound of water in the background? Close your eyes and just imaging it…babbling brooks, methodical movements, a beautiful, slow fish release…You’re welcome. 

You’ll see things you wouldn’t typically see

Fly fishing gives you the power to slow down. With our fast-paced society in constant forward momentum, we don’t often have time to stand still and experience our outdoor spaces. When was the last time you reached your hand in a body of water, pulled out a stone and watched the aquatic life scoot around? Fly fishing has given us the opportunity to observe river otters, snack on wild berries, and watch eagles and osprey devour lunch. 

You’ll never stop learning

Looking for an opportunity for life-long learning? Fly fishing isn’t a “set it & forget it” activity. It makes you hungry for more…so much more. You learn one knot, it just makes sense to learn another. The trout won’t eat your fly, you figure out what they are eating and feed them that! Summer flows change to fall flows; it’s time to learn about fishing in lower, slower water. It’s trial and error at times, but fly fishing will always present learning opportunities.

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