Common Do’s and Don’ts

Need a quick refresh on what to do, and what to avoid doing, while fly fishing? We’ve got you covered.
  • Do check your leader and tippet for wind knots. If you find one, take the extra minute or two to re-tie.
  • Do check your fly every few casts to make sure it’s swimming correctly. It’s just good practice.
  • Do set the hook on the slightest of twitches when nymphing. Leave no time to second guess.
  • Do wear sunnies. Better for spotting fish and protecting your eyes.
  • Do watch fishes behavior before serving up your fly.

  • Do try different retrieves to entice the fish. Mix it up and make it dance!

  • Do take the time to learn as many knots as possible. Poor knots could cost you that netted fish.

  • Don’t try to be Popeye and muscle your cast or try or throw too far. The rod should do most of the work.
  • Don’t ignore the small flies. Bigger flies don’t always mean bigger fish.

  • Don’t wade in the center of the run before fishing close to the bank. Chances are the fish are hanging right at the edge and you’ve already spooked them by coming in hot.

  • Don’t do 15 false casts. We know it’s fun to feel the rhythm and the rhyme but there’s such a thing as too many. More time in the air means less time in the water with a potential fish on the other end.
  • Don’t set the hook upstream. Remember fish face upstream. Bury that fly into the fish’s mouth with a downstream set.
  • Don’t be impatient. Fly fishing takes a lot of patience. That can mean 1hr casting to the same deep pool until BAM.
  • Don’t net fish from behind aka the tail.
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