WTF is a “Salter” Anyways?

Salters are “America’s first game fish.” Salters are anadromous. Salters are native to New England, and they’re in danger.

Yes, “Salters” are sea-run brook trout. Ultimately, the fish are the east coast’s equivalent of a steelhead. Native-range brook trout that move between freshwater brooks and salty estuaries. Like their western counterparts, the fish get bigger the further north you get, and for that reason, many anglers associate these sea-run brookies with Maine, Labrador, and Nova Scotia. What many anglers don’t realize is that the native range of these fish stretches all the way down to southern New England. So, next time you’re working your way through the marsh with an 8 wt, searching for stripes, maybe bring a 2 wt and some hoppers along for good measure. You never know.

For more information on sea-run brook trout please check out the Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition at

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2 thoughts on “WTF is a “Salter” Anyways?

  1. V. Curtis Hunter June 11, 2018 / 4:39 pm

    Heard tell they might still be found where the Connetquot River (Great River) enters Nicoil Bay on south Long Island?

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