Postfly Presents: Yakoda Supply Fly Tin

Yakoda Supply was born on the rivers and streams of Colorado’s Front Range. Our home waters are a short drive from home and during the summer months, you’ll find us out there throwing dries, staying on the water past dark, and hiking back to the car with our headlamps on. In the winter we’re still out there, but usually, a little further from home, exploring the incredible tailwaters throughout Colorado and its surrounding states. During our time on the water and in conversations with fishing buddies, we realized that some of our gear was over-engineered for our purposes. So we experimented, prototyped, and tested our way to a few simple, durable products.

We started with a basic problem—getting your gear to and from the water and staying organized without spending half a paycheck on a piece of luggage. The result was the Drifter Gear Transport, a 95 liter, open-topped, carry-everything bag. It’s durable, lightweight (at around a pound) and made in the U.S.A. from a handful of materials, each selected for a specific purpose. The Drifter embodies what we set out to do: make simple, high-quality gear for local excursions and week-long adventures that leave a little gas money in your pocket.

A few months later we were fishing on the Williams Fork, a small tailwater that flows into the Colorado River near Parshall. We fished for three days on a pocketful of flies, wishing we had a small, lightweight box that fit in a normal-sized shirt pocket. The Fly Tin was made for days like that when a small selection of easily accessible bugs is all you need, and more generally, for keeping the stuff you always seem to come back to right there in that shirt pocket. It’s small, lightweight and would make your grandpa smile.

We want to keep making things that every angler has a use for. But that’s only part of it. We love fly fishing and the community that’s built around this simple common interest. Just like you, we’re fortunate to meet a lot of interesting folks along the way. Hopefully, we’ll see you out there!

This perfect. minimalist fly tin has quickly become a part of all of Team Postfly’s fly fishing kits! Shop them now to get your own!

If you are subscribed to the Postfly Guide Series you received a Yakoda Tin in your September shipment. DM us your photos of the Yakoda Tin in action to be featured in our story!


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