5 Best Fly Fishing Awww Yeah Moments

Awww Yeaah Moment – noun – a moment in time that makes you say “Awww yeaaaah”. Like that feeling of peeling the plastic off a new phone or getting that front door parking spot at work.

1. Pulling up to your fishing spot and no other cars are in the lot

This one almost goes without saying. There is nothing better than pulling up to your favorite honey hole and seeing no other cars in the lot. You know you have that water to yourself.

2. When you lose the fly that has been working all day, and you realize you still have one more in your pack

This has happened to all of us. You’ve been slamming fish all day on one fly, and then it happens. Yep, you just snapped that fly off. You dig and dig in your pack but you just can’t find that same fly, then you look at your fly patch, and there it is in all its glory. Day saved.

3. Thinking you forgot something important at home 2 hours into the drive to the river, and then find it when you open the trunk

Realizing halfway into a drive that you think you left your fly box next to your vise, but you’re too far into the drive. You’ve given up and try to figure out how to save your fishing day without those fresh flies, then it happens, you pop that trunk and there it is.

4. Making a cast that you don’t need to mend

Ever just make a cast and go, “Yup, that’s the one”.  No need to mend, perfect drift, yeah that’s the stuff.

5. Arriving home and seeing a Postfly Box on your doorstep

Might be a day early, might be right on time, but you got your monthly fly fishing subscription is sitting there beckoning you to take that next day out on the water. No need to stop by a fly shop, just grab it, your waders and boots and hit the river!

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