What’s In The Box: July 2019

Who else has been cashing in on the peak of summertime fly fishing? We’ve been beating the heat chasing striped bass on the coast and trout in the mountains. July is the best time to cool off while getting your toes and lines wet chasing your fish of the Summer! Regardless of how you’re maximizing the rest of your summer Postfly Boxes are coming in hot ready to get you out there to enjoy the best season of the year!

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Trout – West

Trout – East

With Summer dry fly action in full swing across the country, this month we bring you a dry dropper armada with a wooly bugger kicker. Hang the nymphs under the dries as you head to your local trout water as you hunt for risers breaking the surface. Just remember to practice good fish handling with the high temperatures and check stream temps!

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Summertime is topwater time when any bass are concerned. Try any of these patterns the next time your at your local bass pond and hang on! If you have cicadas around, toss the bottom left around near the banks, you’ll be surprised what will come off the bottom to have a snack!

Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!

Saltwater – North

Whether you’re chasing stripers, blues or weakfish this summer, July’s collection of saltwater flies are here to get your lines tight! If you really want to try something fun while working the marshes, try hanging one of the baitfish patterns behind the gurgler, the action drives fish crazy!

Saltwater – South

With flood tide season in full swing all across the southeast, its time to break out the gurglers and start pounding the spartina. Pull one of this in front of any tailer and he’s bound to look up and suck one of these flies down.

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Salmon & Steelhead

Big, bright and beautiful, all these flies will bring you one cast closer to your summer steelhead of 2019. With a combination of natural and bright colors, these flies are sure to fool a steelie or 2.

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Fly Tying Videos:

Trout: Orange Sherbert

Learn to tie the Orange Sherbert hopper dry fly!

Warmwater: Water Skimmer

Learn to tie the Water Skimmer gurgler fly!

Saltwater: EP Pink & Yellow Bunker

Learn to tie one of our favorite late-season striper patterns!




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