What’s in the Box: August 2019

This month’s boxes are coming in just in time for everyone participating in our nation-wide Endless Summer Fly Fishing Tournament, to take this month’s gear and put it to use to climb the leaderboard! Regardless of that, this month’s boxes are coming in hot, bringing with them handy gear and plenty of flies to keep you out there chasing fins!

Find out what came in this month’s boxes below and if you haven’t joined The Postfly Tribe yet, click here to sign up.

Trout – West

Trout – East

August’s trout fly selections are here and loaded to the gills to get you tight on your big fish of the late summer. With late-summer storms keeping the waters cool and flowing, now is the time to get out there after your best trout of the summer!

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This month it’s all about our favorite unsung hero of warm-water fish, the carp. These flies have worked wonders for us when we’re chasing these cowboy bonefish around the ponds and rivers of the northeast, so we’re throwing them in a pack and passing on that mojo to you! If you’ve never chased carp on the fly, we highly recommend it, its the hardest fighting freshwater fish out there and they present a fun challenge!

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Saltwater – North

These late summer and early Fall fishing days are some of the best of the year. As the water starts to cool and the stripers, bluefish, and albies get on the move during their migrations, the fishing can be incredible! If you’re fishing the legendary blitzes, try either of the unweighted sand eels and if you’re chasing fish from the beach, give the sparse weighted flies a shot, you’ll be surprised what slurps them up!

Saltwater – South

This month’s box is loaded with the favorite flats fish snack out there, crabs. No matter if you’re chasing bonefish in S. Florida, or Redfish along the coasts, these flies will entice a tailer or 2!

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Salmon & Steelhead

Summer steelhead and the wild salmon runs of the West are in full swing, as well as on the great lakes tributaries. With rumors of an early run on Lake Ontario and the runs picking up speed out west, theses flies are here to feed the migratory salmonid of your dreams!

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Fly Tying Videos:

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Learn to tie the deadly carp and warmwater fly, The Backstabber!

Saltwater: The Clouser

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