How to Use Different Line Weights to Maximize Your Fishing

Line weight is an important aspect of a fly fishing setup that many people disregard, most of us simply buy the line that matches our rod and get out there, but if you know how line weights work, there are advantages to under or overlining your rod and we’re here to break them down for you!

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If delicate presentations are what you’re looking for, you should try going a line size lighter than your rod recommends. The faster action and lightweight line will land quieter and present your flies with ease. Underlining will speed up the action of your rod, so be sure to take a couple of practice casts to get used to it and hit the stream!


Overlining a rod has been a well kept secret for many years as a way to improve your casting distance and accuracy. Putting a line size heavier on your reel will slow up the action of your rod and make turning over heavier flies much easier.  If you’re headed anywhere with higher winds or where you need to make long casts, this strategy is the choice for you. If you are going to be overlining a rod, the faster the action the better. You’ll be surprised how much overlining improves your casting!

2 thoughts on “How to Use Different Line Weights to Maximize Your Fishing

  1. Jay October 7, 2019 / 3:29 am

    Underlining will make the rod faster and overlining will make the rod slower. Not the other way around

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