The Definitive 2019 Postfly Gift Guide

It can be tough getting a gift for a fly angler. With all the intricacies of the sport, it’s difficult to nail down the perfect gift, in a sport filled with products. So we’ve simplified things and curated the perfect list of fly fishing gifts, to save you time and fit your budget!

Win the Holidays With These Ultimate Gifts:

Rod & Reel Combo

Tis’ the season of giving. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a brand new fly fishing rod and reel. The Ripper is the absolute full package. It comes equipped with a rod, reel, fly line, & backing – everything you need to get on the water and fishing right away. Oh, and don’t forget the flies! 

The 9′ 5WT is widely considered to be the best size/weight combination for an all-around trout fishing rod. Handles dries, streamers, and nymphing with precision and ease.

The 9′ 8WT is designed for all-around saltwater angling and species. Punches through wind and tough conditions while maintaining finesse and forgiveness.

Catch more fish this holiday season with The Ripper.

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Postfly Subscription

Give the gift of a Postfly Subscription this year! We have the best line up of subscriptions out there, whether you’re giving to a seasoned, hard-core angler or someone just getting into this amazing past-time. Just make pick your species and box size, and we’ll take care of the rest, sending essential gear that every fly angler needs every month. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving, and giving and giving…

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Wade Rod G.O.A.T. 

What does it take to be the greatest? Time. Persistence. Results. Accuracy. For the past three years, we’ve taken all of the feedback on our rods to create the best possible rendition of what a great fly rod should be. The significant backbone to give you fighting power when you least expect it. Load and recovery in the top 1/3 of the rod to help you punch your line deep through less than perfect conditions. Materials and components light enough to allow you to cast 8 hours at a time without fatigue. This is what it takes to be the G.O.A.T.

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Nymphster EXT

There is perhaps no method of trout fishing more synonymous with wading than nymphing. Nymphing is not “hard”, by definition. You float a bug underwater and hope it hits a trout in the nose. Like anything else though, being a great nympher takes lots of practice, skill, and the correct tools. Consider the Nymphster your shortcut in the tool department. Strong, long and extremely sensitive, this rod will allow you to pick up on the slightest of takes while giving you enough reach, backbone and fighting power to land the fish of a lifetime.

The Ext is new to our 2019 lineup and includes an extra 5th section that allows you to fish the rod at 10 or 11 feet.

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Gifts Under $100

Compass 360 Wading Boots

The Tailwater II  is the newest style of functional and durable wading shoes from Compass 360. Constructed with non-shrink nylon and PU upper.  Designed to be worn with 3.5mm or 4mm neoprene booties there is no need to go up a size with the Tailwater II.

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Fishmas Crate

Season’s Greetings! The Fishmas elves have been working overtime crafting their latest limited edition fly fishing crate just in time for the holiday season. Perfectly designed for any angler – this crate is packed with irresistible trout snacks (flies) hand-picked by our team of professional guides, limited-edition tools, must-have fly fishing accessories, apparel, and of course holiday cheer for all to hear. This is the perfect holiday gift for any angler!

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Compass 360 Hydrotek Thunder Jacket

The THUNDER™ Jacket is made for a rainy day out on the water, designed with storage and comfort in mind. 100% waterproof and made with our HydroPore1.5™ breathable technology the Thunder™ is a completely watertight performance garment.

• 100% waterproof and breathable
• Water-resistant zippers throughout
• Adjustable stowaway hood design
• 4 zippered front storage pockets
• 2″ Waterproof storm flap
• Dual front hand-warming pockets
• Adjustable neoprene wrist cuffs
• Extra-wide elastic waistband

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Fly Line

Easily the most practical gift for any fly angler, giving the gift of fly line is an easy way to give the gift of fishing. Everyone needs a spare line or 2 in case the worst happens, or just to replace a  worn-out old line. This season give the gift of smooth casting and high floating flies!

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Gifts Under $50

WRC Striper Breeze Snapback

The softest, most comfortable hat we’ve ever made. Your head will thank us. Built with breathable, durable materials this hat keeps you cool on the water and looks good doing it!


  • Topo Striper Embroidered Patch
  • Lightweight and Brrreezzy Nylon
  • 5 Panels of Greatness

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The Minimalist 

Our classic dad hat embroidered with a simple fly. With a heavy cotton construction, this hat only gets better with age and wear!

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Tie One on 7 Piece Tool Kit

This kit features the 7 essential tying tools every fly tyer needs, packed in a travel case the size of your phone. This kit has all the essential tools you need to get tyin’ on the go whether you’re gifting to a new or experienced tyer!

Kit Includes:

  • 4″” All Purpose Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Scissors
  • Hackle Plier
  • Whip Finish Tool
  • Universal Bobbin Holder
  • Bodkin
  • Bobbin Threader Tool
  • Foam Padded Hair Stacker
  • Leather Travel Case

Give the gift of tying tools!

Give’r Gloves

Meet the 4-Season Give’r Gloves, the world’s most comfortable, versatile, and durable pair of waterproof leather gloves. 100% waterproof, 40 gm Thinsulate insulation lining and breathable Hipora membrane contained in an all-leather exterior. These gloves are a perfect companion on the water and off!

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Wingo Wading Belts

Give the gift of security on the water this year, wading belts are an important piece of safety equipment when wading and our friends at Wingo know how to make you look good while doing it! One size fits all, all you need to do is pick your angler’s favorite species and you’ll win Christmas!

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Gifts Under $25

Postfly Single Box of Flies

Every angler needs a resupply of flies, and our single fly packs contain our favorite flies for the fishery you select. These boxes make perfect stocking stuffers and are sure to get your angler stoked to get back on the water ASAP!

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Pelican Reels & Wade Rod Co. Beanies

We lose a lot of body heat if you leave your noggin exposed out on the water, especially in the cold winds of winter. Our Pelican and Wade Rod Co. beanies are warm and cozy, and perfectly transition from the water to the bar!

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Vedavoo Rod Holster

The Vedavoo Rod Holster provides a quick and easily accessible system to hold your rod while you’re re-tying, unhooking a fish or stopping to chit chat with another angler. The Rod Holster is perfect for fresh and saltwater fishing when you want to carry multiple rods or just need an extra set of hands. Drop the butt of your rod through the webbing loop, and buckle the simple strap over the cork to secure your rod (tip up!) Simple, a belt-worn holster for fly rods.

Give a helping hand here!

FishPond USA Sushi Roll

The Sushi Roll might be one of the handiest fly storage solutions out there, designed to hold just about as many flies as you want to stick on it and roll up to take up as little space as possible. They even come with velcro, so they’ll adhere to the side of a cooler or boat hull to act as a fly patch you can roll up and take on the go!

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