4 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

It’s snowing across much of the country, rivers are starting to ice up, and your monster trout photo DMs are being replaced with photos of friends holding cocktails in Fishmas ugly sweaters. All of this can only mean one thing: The holiday season is in full swing (and many of our casts are not). 

But not to worry! While you keep your casting arm in shape by lifting cold snacks, we have some holiday survival tips to keep all you anglers sane this season. And though none of them include de-icing your guides in negative temps just to get your swing on, we think they might help you make it through to spring thaw.

Crack a cold one and get cozy

It’s the season of fresh falling snow, aforementioned frozen rod guides, and early sunsets. What better way to spend a cold winter day than sharing some cold snacks with friends? They come packed with good flavor and all the calories you need to stay warm this winter. Paired with a fish stoke film, these bevies are sure to make the holiday season even better than you could have hoped!

Oskar Blues’ Pinner Session IPA paired with Trout Bum Diaries (Vol. 1); because it’s hard to beat a throwback style IPA paired with a throwback film (filmed over 5 months of Patagonia travels, released in 2005).

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale paired with films featured in the 2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour; because a deliciously crisp beer calls for deliciously fresh fly fishing videos.

Odell’s Cutthroat Porter paired with Where the Yellowstone Goes; because there are lessons to learn about drinking porters, how we treat our rivers, and the adventures that can be had on them.

Set up your tying bench

Tie Better Flies With The Right Hooks And Materials
Knowing that you have the right materials and hooks will make your fly tying more enjoyable.

If beer isn’t your thing (and even if it is), consider getting comfortable by the wood stove – or a YouTube Yule Log – and building your summer stoke by tying a few of your favorite flies. Practice makes perfect and these short days give us all the time we need to perfect our form. Plus, we have all the goods to make it happen…just sayin’. Tying your own fish food keeps you connected to the main dish bugs that’ll be on next season and chase those limited-fishing-holiday-blues away. 

Plan a new destination fishing trip

For the fresh water angler, going coastal ain’t a bad option.

Just because the fishing is off in your current locale doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about fishing. This time of year is a perfect time to research destinations, determine the fish you’re wanting to chase, reach out to guides, plan the gear you’ll need, and start pricing out (air/road/train) travel and other costs. If choosing a destination seems daunting, first pick the species you want to chase; or vise versa. 

Indulge in the season

If fly fishing is your “one and only”, survival-mode is definitely real. So last, but not least, consider a change of perspective…and your wardrobe. Now might just be the perfect time to give in to the age-old adage “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”. And what better way to indulge in the season than with a Fishmas sweater from Postfly? Deck the halls and your top half with this fish-themed ugly sweater and you’ll be ready to indulge in all the holiday fun. You’ll be the envy of the holiday party…and might even forget just how much you miss fishing (or not).

3 thoughts on “4 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

  1. Jason Shemchuk December 16, 2019 / 6:40 am

    Great article. Tying flies and planning my fly fishing trips for the next year are great ways to spend the winter months for sure. One thing I love also is tying the flies I know I’ll need for my trip. This keeps me super motivated and excited not only for my trip but also about my thing. Love catching fish on flies I’ve tied!

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