4 Fly Fishing Resolutions You Should Adopt for 2020

2020 has arrived, and it’s that wonderful time of year where we’re all in limbo before heading back to work in the New Year. As we all plan out the year, setting challenges for our fly fishing journey’s is a fun way to keep your fishing interesting all year, and push your own boundaries on the water.

Get Involved

Photo by: Dan Zazworsky

Make 2020 the year you get off your butt and get involved in helping protect and conserve your fisheries. No matter where you are, there is bound to be a group of people working to steward their home waters. If there are trout in your area, odds are there is a chapter of Trout Unlimited around and they are always looking for volunteers. If there isn’t a group around you, bring trash bags with you on the water and collect litter you find along your way. Every bit helps and you’re local waters will thank you!

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Fish New Water Once a Month

Photo by: Dan Zazworsky

Whether it’s an exotic fishery or just a new stream in your area, try to break out of your usual habits and fish somewhere new once a month. New water will broaden your fishing horizons big time, you’ll have to try new techniques and challenge the way you think when approaching the previously unknown fishing spot. You’ll be surprised how quickly your list of fishing spots will grow, and you’ll have new places to bail out to if someone is in your usual haunt.

Pursue A New Species

Photo by: Dan Zazworsky

It could be a tropical species on a warm flat somewhere or a new species in your backyard. Endeavor this year to chase a new species on the fly. Maybe you’ve never taken a cast at those tailing carp in your neighborhood pond, or want to take on the challenge of pike and muskie, give a new species a shot. Not only will it keep things interesting on the water, but your overall fly fishing skill level will improve, as you learn the new techniques required to get a new species to eat!

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

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We’ve only got one planet, and we’d prefer to keep it as clean as possible. This year, take a look at how you consume plastic and do your best to reduce it where you can. Around the office, we all use reusable water bottles and do our best to pick up the plastic litter we find on our fishing adventures. On the water, do your best to hang on to the scraps of tippet and leader you cut off during the day.

Introduce Someone to Fly Fishing

Photo by @pixiek8

Want to know the best way to find a new fishing buddy? Teach someone new to the sport how to use a fly rod. Now that may sound like a steep task, but we all started somewhere. Take your little cousin down to the local farm pond with a 3 WT for bluegill, or invite your buddy who keeps saying they’re “fly-curious” but is hesitant to try it. With any luck, you’ll get someone hooked on the sport of fly fishing, and now you’ve got someone to tag along with you on every adventure on the fly!

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