What’s in the Box: January 2020

We are excited to have just sent out our first Postfly Boxes of the new decade! Although not the favorite month of fair-weather anglers, January can be a phenomenal month to get out on the water and play tug of war with fish!

Find out what came in this month’s boxes below and if you haven’t joined The Postfly Tribe yet, click here to sign up. For those of you with fear of commitment, we’ve just released our kits WITHOUT subscription here.



This month we’re bringing you our go-to flies for late winter trout. This time of year they prefer to sit deep or in well-oxygenated water, so you’re going to need the heavier weighted nymphs to get down to their level. If you’re fishing shallow riffles, try dropping one of the lighter nymphs off of the dry, and don’t be surprised if a trout rises to the occasion and takes the bug off the surface!


This month’s warm water selection is perfect for the low-and-slow fishing strategy that you need to employ to fool late winter warm-water fish. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been trying to get out fishing on warmer-than-usual days to speculate for winter pike and bass. Warm-water species will capitalize on unseasonably warm days and go on the feed!


To kick off 2020, we’re bringing all of our saltwater subscribers a collection of baitfish flies to get their boxes ready for the upcoming spring action. With this selection, you can cover the entire water column until you find where your fish are hiding. Redfish and holdover stripers can’t resist a slowly stripped fly in the cool weather.

Salmon & Steelhead

It’s prime time for steelhead right now. In the Great Lakes region, rivers and tributaries are filling up with steelhead coming in to feed before their spawn. On the West Coast, steelhead are running all over and the coastal salmon action is always going. Take this batch of flies out, and you’re sure to find a few anadromous takers!

Add a Postfly Steelhead and Salmon box to your subscription and never run out of flies this season.

Guide Series Highlight: Off Grid Tools Headlamp & Solar USB Charger

This month we’ve got 2 truly handy accessories for our subscribers, a powerful headlamp from our friends at Off Grid Tools and a kick-ass solar USB charger for when your phone batteries die in the backwoods. The headlamp has multiple settings, our personal favorite is the red when we’re fishing after dark.

Want double the flies and other bad-ass, intuitive accessories delivered to your door every month? Sign up for Guide Series today!

Fly Tying Videos:

Trout: Midge Pupa

Learn to tie the Midge Pupa nymph pattern from January’s trout fly tying box!

Saltwater: The Deceiver

Learn to tie the legendary Deceiver streamer pattern!

Warm Water: The Foxy Clouser

Learn to tie the Foxy Clouser, a play on the classic Clouser fly that is sure to get any warm water predators’ attention!

How to Learn to Fly Fish

Knot Wisdom

Postfly x Uroko

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