Three Tips for Trip Planning

If your January was anything like mine, it was filled with equal parts landed vs. lost trout and it felt like an entire year over the course of thirty-one days. Ya, it took forever to get through and there were not nearly enough fish in my net. 

But, alas, February has finally arrived and our perspectives are changing. Days are getting a little longer (every second counts, people!) and though the snow is still flying, we’re starting to plan our spring and summer fishing destinations. 

And speaking of destinations, have you thought about where you want to fish this year? Late winter is a great time to start planning out your fishing trip wish list. And as such, here are three tips for planning out your must-have fishing trips.

Pick the species

The list of destinations can be overwhelming. Mexico? Belize? Alaska? Heck, Patagonia or New Zealand?!

Ambassador Steven Beaulieu with a big Striper caught on the incoming tide.

To narrow down your destination, start thinking about what type of fish you want to chase. First, do you prefer saltwater or freshwater? While chasing tarpon and enjoying bottle of Pacifico on a forgotten stretch of sand sounds good to some, others might prefer seeking monster trout and indulging in a full-bodied, local red wine to end the day (ahem, hey there Patagonia).

If you figure out the species, your list of potential destinations and waters will be automatically honed for you, making it a little easier.

Pick the region

With your species of choice identified, the next task at hand is determining a region. If trophy grayling are on your list, Alaska is your most likely region of choice. Redfish? Louisiana and Texas coast are solid locales. Getting salty and seeking bones? Get ready for the islands!

Admittedly, determining the region takes a little research. Searching the interwebs is a great start, but picking up the phone and talking to local shops about species, seasons and getting local intel will set you up for success.

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Find a guide & book it

While DIY is fun, consider going with a Guide first. On a Texas coast trip last spring, we fished with a great guide for two days, downloaded some valuable intel (successful flies, techniques, etc.) from him, and went to chase fish for another two days on our own. It’s a tried and true tactic and 100% worth the investment. Go, ask all the questions, get some solid on-the-water experience and time with a professional and then get after it on your own. 

The Postfly crew and ambassadors host a myriad of trips throughout the year, so follow along on the socials and consider signing up! Otherwise, get out there on your own (with a guide) and fun with it!


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