The Postfly Endless Summer Tournament is Back!

It never ended, we just stopped keeping score.

Postfly’s 2nd Annual Endless Summer Tourney runs across the country and is the largest fly fishing only Catch Photograph Release (CPR) tournament around. All anglers can fish for various species and all fisheries in the US for a chance to win over $3k+ in prizes, plus a drool-worthy captain’s bag and limited edition tournament merch when you sign up.

Starting July 20th, anglers from across the country will compete by submitting their five largest fish––from a list of 22 available species. The tournament ends on August 31st, and the contestant with the most points will take home the top prize!

An Online Tournament for Everyone (The Safe Way)

COVID-19 has made this season a weird one. Now fly anglers can still compete and have fun with other anglers across the country––all without seeing another person. 

Instead of getting everyone together, putting us all at risk, an online tournament means we can fish the way we like, solo or with a close few friends you trust to not share your fishing spot. No matter where you live in the country, or your favorite species, the Endless Summer tournament is designed to include everyone safely. 

Avoid the crowds this summer. Hit the water to participate in a tournament, just like the old times, in a safer, germ-free digital format. It’s science.

How to Join the Endless Summer Tournament

Register Online Today

Register online here and you’ll receive your swag bag before the tournament starts later this summer. 

In the meantime, you better start pre-fishing. 

Start Fly Fishing  

This is a Catch Photograph Release (CPR) tournament, which means all fish must be measured, released alive, & posted on Instagram with tag #PFEndlesstourney in order to qualify. 

Don’t have the gear you need to join the party? Summertime is the best time to get into saltwater fly fishing, and all you need is The Starter Kit––a crate filled with all the fly fishing essentials you need to get on the water with confidence and start catching (& releasing) fish right away. 

There’s still time to join the Endless Summer Tournament, so get your Saltwater Starter Kit today! 

Submit Your Top Five Fish 

Just so we don’t select the wrong fish from your Instagram account, tournament anglers must also submit their top five fish here by 11:59PM on August 31st to qualify. The form will become available on Aug 24th.

Think of it like culling your fish. Now you can keep fishing even after posting a fish on social media, and submit the right fish later on.

Win The Endless Summer Tournament Cup

For more information about the Endless Summer tournament, the full list of prizes, the species list––with their corresponding points––or to sign up for the tournament, head to this page here.

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