Happy Mother’s Day: 5 Tips to Celebrate Mom on the Water this Year

Our community of female fly fishers is ever-growing, and as it turns out, so is our community of angling moms! While some days we may crave far-off destinations where life-list fish may roam, most days, we just want an hour – with ourselves, our partners or with our kiddos – to get on ANY water. So this Mother’s Day, we’re sharing some great ways to celebrate your favorite mom(s)…on the water!

Coffee is everything

OK, we’ll admit, not everyone is a coffee drinker. But, for the moms out there that are, this one is for them! Whether you make a killer French press at home, run out early to grab her favorite fancy latte or mix up a quick and easy (and delicious) cup of instant coffee (First Ascent is our go-to), greet her with some caffeine. It’s sure to bring a smile to her face and kick-off her day the right way.

Sleep in (so Mom can take an hour two in the morning get some fishing in)

Remember that whole “solo” time on the water thing? Ya. That’s what we’re talking about! Partner/big sis or bro/parents or in-laws/best buddy, this is where you come in. It’s likely not all moms get to experience the joy of a pre-dawn start to their Mother’s Day – with the kiddos still safe and asleep in their beds while she grabs her gear and gets out to slay a full morning on the water. Just her and her fly rod. Well, this year, you can make it happen! While it could be a great surprise, it might be better to plan ahead. Give her a heads up so she can have her gear packed and ready to go when the day arrives!

Take a family walk along the water (with a fly rod, of course)

Mom wouldn’t be mom without her fam, right? There’s something really special about just getting outside as a family. So, head on down to the local water and just enjoy the day outside with the family while wetting a line.

Make mom lunch after exploring the water together

Spending time on the water can build an appetite. Celebrate mom by fueling the adventure! You can bring the whole picnic ensemble – blanket, basket, dishes, and more – or just load up the cooler, drop the tailgate and indulge! We’ve been really enjoying the latest Hydro Flask collection for our day trips, backyard and picnic outings. But, if your’e a minimalist, load that PB&J in the reusable bag and we’re sure mom will love it! Our family also brings extra bars and snacks because mamas can get hungry having all that fun – it’s good to bring extra.

Hook her up

For some moms, fresh gear can definitely brighten Mother’s Day. For the mom that has it all, hook her up with a sure-fire fishy spot. You know that secret stretch of creek you’ve been fishing or your buddy’s stocked lake where the bass are always hungry, ya, that’s the kinda hook up we’re talking about.

Whatever way you choose to enjoy Mother’s Day, we hope it’s a safe and fulling one full of fair weather and tight lines!

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