3 Tips to Make Your Weekend More Fishy

There’s something really special about this time of year. The weather is warming up, the water is warming up and the fish are getting hungrier by the hour (or so it seems). Getting outside is satisfying, but chasing fish (and landing them) can be even better. If you’re looking to make your weekend a bit more fishy, keep reading!

Diversify your fishing spots

We love our local section of river. It’s close by, we know the way the currents work and we know the guaranteed fishy spots. But this time of year, it’s blown out and essentially un-fishable. So, we diversify. While we love the option to wade rivers and creeks, sometimes, ponds are the answer. Hit up smaller water with hot head buggers or hoppers and celebrate the weekend right – outside, on the water, in the sunshine!

Use your Guide Box!

I’m not saying it to sell a box. I’m saying it because they work. The Guide Series subscription comes packed with flies and gear to keep your weekend (and week days) fishy. If you lose flies as much as I do – it’s a lot, trust me – you’re going to want to upgrade to the Guide. You get more flies which means more chances to catch more fish. And if the monthly commitment is holding you back, Postfly now offers one-time boxes!

Long (and short) weekends are for overnights

Grab your fishing and camping gear, load the dog/family/partner or go at it solo and get going. Whether you’re on the east coast, west coast or somewhere in between, it’s pretty easy to find a campground or campsite near water. On our coast to coast travels, even the roadside KOA had fish-filled ponds ready for any angler!

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