The Glory of Glass

Fly rods are available in a variety of weights and materials including graphite, composite and…fiberglass! If you’re exploring your options and the journey has led you to glass, you won’t be disappointed. As they say, “Glass is not dead”, so read on to get a better understanding of what it is and why you need it.

What is a “glass” rod?

A “glass” – fiberglass – fly rod is essentially a long cone made from fiberglass mat and resin. The resin-impregnated mat is wound around a tapered mandrel to give the blank its shape and ultimately its casting properties. Clear as mud? Keep reading to find your clarity.

Where did it all start? 

Fiberglass itself was created by Owens-Corning in the late 1930’s but it’s potential was really realized during World War II and the need for lightweight materials for building aircraft. In the decades following the war, new applications were found for fiberglass. Ultimately, there was a desire for a low cost, durable alternative to bamboo to build fly rods out of – enter fiberglass.

What sets it apart?


Glass rods have a slower action, similar to that of bamboo, with a much more affordable price tag. They range in weights from 3 – 10 to give you the delicate presentation of bamboo without forcing you to empty your kids’ college fund. 

Why you need to fish it

Lightweight, durable and supple. There’s something different about picking up a glass rod. From the cast to setting the hook to reeling in a fish. It’s a magical process that’s hard to articulate – it’s something you just have to experience! Trust us.

How to use it

Slow your roll! Casting glass takes a little bit of focus when starting out. Slowing your cast down and allowing the fly line to load the rod during your cast will be most effective. When comparing it to graphite, glass is much softer, thus needing a butt section to be thicker or larger diameter to give the rod some backbone. On a graphite rod, the blank is much stiffer (thinner) and loads closer to the tip (faster action). Since a glass rod has slower action, the rod loads closer to the butt. If you’re new to glass, practice your cast before hitting the water. You’ll feel the difference, and we bet you’ll like it.

Postfly’s “Wade Rod Co” lineup:

  1. “The Bluegill” – this 3 weight Dragon Glass rod is perfect for feisty fish lurking in small streams from east coast sleepy hemlock brooks to exposed high country western streams.
  2. “The Brookie” – this 5 weight Dragon Glass rod is the ultimate everyday carry. Trout, bass, you name it, it’ll land it.
  3. The Dragon Glass 8/9 weight is a beast. Carp, monster bass, striped bass and redfish, it handles it all

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