Will Travel for Fish: Redfish Redemption Run

I always thought of myself as a low-key, but dedicated angler. You know, the weekend warrior, chase-them-after-work type that just happens to bring their fly rod on every business trip just in case their able to escape to a nearby pond or river after the daily grind was done…Ok, ok, I’ll admit it, I have a minor fishing addition. 

Personally, I think it’s a great addiction. I mean, think of all the health benefits! What’s wrong with getting outside? Nothing. Taking time to breathe in some fresh air after sitting indoors and staring at computer screens all day? Nada! Strolling along a lovely stretch of water seeking some resident wildlife? Not a dang thing.

I’ve traveled coast to coast…to coast to coast seeking fish – and our latest Texas/Gulf Coast trip is a testament to my (and my husband’s) fishing addiction.

Captain Ben of Laguna Madre Outfitters leading a day full of rainbows, sunshine and some intense tropical storm weather.

Our enchantment with the Gulf Coast started just two years ago…when we got skunked chasing redfish in early spring. I vividly remember eating Easter Sunday breakfast at a San Antonio Snooze A.M. Eatery, dreaming of all the fish we’d land that week while on Texas’ Laguna Madre along the gorgeous beaches of Padre Island. Little did we know just how schooled we’d get. 

Thankfully, our redemption run was a whole other story. 

Sam, of Big River Collective, getting his first hookup!

Two days on the skiff and we each had a few reds to the boat. Day three though, oh Day 3, you were too good to us! I want to personally thank what was Tropical Storm Nicholas for pushing pods our way that day. The reds were feisty and many were overwhelmingly willing to chomp down on our guide’s Special of the Day. 

Fishing is more fun with your bestie – Nat scoring a stellar red!
Red release is a beautiful thing…

After three years of dreaming of landing one of these fish, the stoke that hit when it finally happened is a little indescribable. And if there’s one piece of wisdom I have gained in my travels for fish that I wish to impart on my fellow fish-seeking travelers of the world it is this: Do everything in your power to keep doing it! 

With wisdom comes reward, or so they say.

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