How To: Rig A Sink Tip Leader

This first post in our How To: series is about a very easy to use, but not often utilized piece of fly fishing gear called a sinking leader (or sink tip leader). Sink tips are a must have in your gear bag! They’ll allow you to quickly adapt your line to get lower in the water column instead of re-spooling your entire reel with sinking line.  Also, if you’ve ever pinched on 2 or 3 split shot weights you’ll know that it can be difficult to get your cast to work for you. We use sink tips when fishing most streamers and larger nymphs, even egg patterns as it allows your entire line to turn over while casting and enables you to easily reach more fish holding water.
We carry a 9 foot Sink Tip Leader that ships free and can be added to your next monthly Postfly Box. Tight Lines!

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