How To Stick It To The Boys (And Big Musky)

Fly fishing isn’t only for old dudes anymore. Not only have we progressed to chasing some bigger, badder species on the fly, but the anglers slinging the fur and feathers have also grown more diverse. Now fly anglers dot every demographic around the world and the numbers are growing fast. The fastest growing group that has the most excited (especially Postfly’s Erin Foley)? Women.

That’s right fellas, women are just as good at catching fish on the fly as you are, maybe even better, so now’s the time to accept it before you’re left in the past. Still though, finding other women that fly fish can be tougher than just going to the fly shop and finding a new friend. (For dudes it’s maybe as simple as pulling up to the fly shop and throwing “the head nod” in the general direction of another fly fisherman. Instant friends for life).

South Valley Anglers, Austin Green Photography, and Crooked Creek Holler want to help lady anglers come together and have fun, but to sweeten the deal a little, they’re also offering an all-inclusive guided weekend, complete with meals, a great place to stay and free gear. The Ladies Musky Meetup is taking place November 3-6th, 2016, in Virginia, where big musky are can be found roaming the shadows of old mountain rivers.


Ladies Musky Meetup Is Selling Out Fast
Join a group of other ladies and guides and fish for giant esox all weekend long.

More Details:

November 3-6th, 2016
Arrival, Meet-Greet: Evening of 3rdFull guided days: 4th, 5th, 6thDeparture: 6th, 7th

Location – 4614 Waterfront Farms Dr, Draper, VA 24324

Sponsors: Southern Culture On The Fly, Crooked Creek Holler, Flymen Fishing Company, 3-TAND Fly Reels, Postfly, Rip Lips Musky Flies LLC, American Museum of Fly Fishing, Bull & Bones BBQ, Austin Green Photography, The Uncommon Angler, Rep Your Water,

Rate: 5 spots available at $695 each, which includes all guided days, housing, food, booze, and entertainment. 

Giveaway items: Flymen Fishing Company/ SCOF/ Rip Lips/American Museum of Fly Fishing grab bag. Postfly Boxes. Items from Crooked Creek Holler, 3-Tand items, Rep Your Water hats, Pat Cohen 12” ManBearPigs, and Airflo. Everyone will also get a print from Austin.

Not Sure? Check out Austin Green Photography’s latest promo filmed on location where the Ladies Musky Meetup is taking place. Yes–you could catch fish are beastly as the ones in the film. 

South Valley Anglers: The Virginia Predator-On-The-Fly Experience from Austin Green Photography on Vimeo.

The Ladies Musky Meetup is taking place on the New River in Southwest Virginia, and is being hosted by Katie Blizzard of The Uncommon Angler and #somestreamerchick Abbi Bagwell of Flymen Fishing Company. “This is first hosted trip of its kind,” said Austin Green, “a ladies exclusive, all inclusive, hosted musky trip on the fly!”

“Float down the ancient New River, in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, catching trophy musky on the fly! Enjoy luxury lodging along with food and drinks by Bull & Bones. Guides Josh Laferty, Brent Perkey, and Ken Trail (Rock On Charters) are some of the most experienced musky fishermen in the entire region. Come get away, and put some esox in the boat!”

I’m sure there will be a few people that aren’t familiar with pricing for fly fishing guides and might think that the $695 price tag sounds steep. Coming from experience (and sheer jealousy of this trip and the fact that I can’t go…because I’m a dude) this trip is a total steal. Guides of this caliber for the whole weekend could probably get almost double, and that doesn’t include all the beer, BBQ and sleeping arrangements that are going to have me camped outside trying to find a disguise to get in. 

During the first night there will also be a meet and greet to get the anglers familiar with one another, which will also include giveaways, wine & cheese, and dinner/desert. Hosts Blizzard and Bagwell will also show a private screening of a musky or pike film in the location’s private movie theatre setup to wrap up each night of the weekend. 

Breakfast will be served early, followed by a full day on the water (lunch on river). Dinner and drinks will be catered by Bull & Bones. This schedule will be repeated for the 2nd day on the water. Breakfast will be served the morning of day 3, followed by closing gear giveaway. Guests will depart on Sunday, November 6th, but will be given the option to book additional days on the water at a discounted rate. The house is available on Sunday night for these guests.

The Full Ladies Musky Meetup Poster
Sign up now before you miss out on an all inclusive trip with gear giveaways and new friends.


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