You’re Invited To Tie Flies At Postfly HQ

You’ve been seeing updates from the construction of Postfly’s new HQ for the last few months now and you’re probably wondering what it looks like all (or close to) finished. Well this is your chance to come hang out, make new friends, swap fish stories, tie some flies, drink beer, eat some good food, and see how Postfly’s operation works. A look behind the magical curtain of the internet.

Come join us at 6pm on December 15th at the Postfly HQ!


101 Newburyport Turnpike

Bay #1

Newbury, MA 01951

We’re going to start throwing more of these Tribe Member meet ups so we can get a chance to hang out with members and go fish with them. Since the temperature is currently at freezing levels here in New England, we figured we’d make the first one indoors, where there’s heat. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to tie flies, or if you just started to fly fish. If you have any interest at all, you should come to the event.

The holidays is a time to come together with your family and we’re happy to call the Postfly Tribe our family. We may be spread out all over the world, but we all share the same love of all things chasing fish, tying fur and feathers to a hook and having a good time on the water. We hope to see you on December 15th at Postfly HQ!


Can’t make the event but still want to be a part of the Postfly Tribe? Join now and sign up to get the best flies and gear sent to your door every month. 


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