What Will You Find Inside November’s Postfly Box?

December is here. Oh man. It’s time to trade out flannels and cool nights by the fire for shivering your butt off in 47 layers and waiting by your furnace for Spring to come. Unless you’re a fly angler, then it’s time to layer up and head out on the water anyways. Why not?

The latest Postfly boxes are getting more anglers on the water this dreary season, but that’s what we’re here to do: get you out there catching fish, even if you don’t want to–it’s your duty as a fly angler. What have you been catching lately?

The November Postfly Box Monthly Insert Cover
Now that you’ve seen a sneak peak of the office, stay tuned to come visit in a few weeks!

Yes, that’s our founder/president Brian Runnals settling into our new office. Want to visit the new Postfly HQ? We’re having a fly tying meet up night at the office on December 15th. Stay tuned for a more detailed preview of the event, rolling out on the blog on Monday.

The November Trout Flies Selection From Postfly
Find out what trout flies anglers were throwing this November.
Postfly Is Now Sponsoring Pig Farm Ink
We’re stoked to announce that Postfly is now sponsoring all of Pig Farm Ink’s events in 2017.
The November Warmwater Flies Selection From Postfly
These poppers and streamers are going to get anglers hooked up with warm water fish.

Head over to Finnutility.com to get killer fly fishing bags and packs, the best quality you’ll be able to find, all made in the USA. We’ve partnered with Finn to give our Tribe Members a special discount on your first bag, but you had to get the November box to get the special code. Sign up now to stop missing out on special Tribe Members only discounts.

Get Expert Fishing Tips From Hank Patterson
The world’s best fly fishing guide Hank Patterson is now going to be sharing his expert tips with the Postfly Tribe.
The Steelhead And Saltwater Flies Selection From Postfly
The November Postfly Box featured a fly selection of the deadliest patterns to fool finicky saltwater giants.
The November Postfly Centerfold Was This Beautiful Redfish
This beautiful copper beauty of a redfish was caught in the marsh by our friends at Badfish TV.

As always, you have a shot at winning a prize pack of Postfly gear if you can master our Postfly Dare challenge this month. Tag @postflybox on Instagram with the hashtags #kibbiewars and #littlekibbiearmy with a photo of a kibbie caught with the biggest fly you can get one to eat. Think you’re a kibbie whisperer?

It's Time To Catch Kibbies
Kibbies, bream, sunfish; no matter what you call them, we love catching little fish, especially on big flies.
Protect Your Home Waters With Sportsmans Access
Every angler has a right to fish public lands, but your right might be stolen from you unless you stand up for public lands.
Postfly HQ Has Moved To New Waters
Come and visit the new Postfly HQ at Postfly’s first Vise Nite.

Tired of missing out on getting flies, gear and more delivered to your door every month? Join The Tribe now and start catching more fish. 


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