Meet The Tribe: Annie

Last week, we announced our Postfly Ambassador team for 2018 and we are so pumped to have this team of guys & girls who love Postfly and are some bad-ass fly anglers! We want you to get to know how awesome they are and see who is near you to meet up for some fishing adventures or a frosty beverage!

First up, is Annie!

Annie is a Colorado native who was exposed to fly fishing at a very young age from her dad! She picked up the sport and started going more consistently about two years ago. It has since become her biggest passion and she spends every weekend on the water!

When she isn’t fly fishing, she’s thinking about fishing, tying her own flies or writing her blog. Her ultimate goal is to take an international fly fishing trip every year! She just took an awesome trip to Belize in November (check it out on her Insta!)

Above all else, Annie, wants to inspire other women to get more involved in fly fishing! We hear you, girl! #GIRLPOWER!



Stay tuned to meet our other 2018 PFB Ambassadors! Tight Lines!

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