Tie With Postfly Ep. 6: The Zebra Copper John

Welcome to Episode 6 of our new live tying series, Tie With Postfly! This week’s pattern, the Zebra Copper John was invented by famed fly designed John Barr, and is now one of the most widely used and effective nymph patterns in existence. Why is it so good? 90% of it is metal, so it gets down to the feed zone quickly. This fly can be made in virtually any color or color combination.

Welcome to our all new tying series: Tie with Postfly! Each week we will be announcing the pattern to be tied on Sunday, if you order your kit before Monday at Noon (ET), your kit will arrive right in time to tie along with us on Thursday evening at 6 PM (ET). All featured kits will be just $15 (Normally $20)! This is for first-time tyers and experts alike, crack a cold beverage, warm up your vise, sit back and tie some bugs with us!

Each Thursday we will be going live on our Facebook page so you can tie along with us even if you’re miles away! Or if you’re close by our Headquarters, come tie one on in person with us!

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