An Intro to Louisiana Redfish

Fly fishing for redfish has quickly become a destination for many fly anglers across the world. These fish offer so many different ways to target them, and they are always eating, making them a perfect gamefish.

The marsh, particularly in Louisiana, offers a perfect place to chase Reds. Depending on what species you are trying to target your methods can vary. The flies we usually throw for Reds are bait fish, crab, and shrimp imitations. Almost any of these varieties will work because Redfish are feisty and always looking for their next meal. I recommend starting a Saltwater Postfly Subscription to make sure you get a solid rotation of new patterns to discover!

I prefer to use an 8-weight rod to chase these fish, and the Wade Tide Chaser is my go-to. These marsh donkeys fight harder and have more power per pound than most. This rod also helps your cast go further when the wind is strong. But if you feel like you’re up to the challenge, try chasing them on lighter rods like a 5 weight. 

There are all types of ways to fish for them. Sight casting to cruising fish, tailers and blind casting are just a few also depending on the tides and fish behavior. Typically with tailing reds, you want to have a low-depth, moving tide because it causes the bait to run throughout the marsh. Casting at tailing reds is very easy. Landing the fly almost on top of the fish is mostly successful due to the aggressive nature of the redfish.

When the fish aren’t tailing, you want to move on to sight casting. It is easy to spot the redfish in the water, just look for dark shadows moving across the bottom or for surface disturbances to give their location away. Bright sun will give you the best views of the fish. When you spot your fish, try to land your fly as close as possible to your target, and hold on!

Blind casting is normally our last resort. It is a reliable way to fly fish for reds any time of the year, but is not as fun or involved as sight fishing for these marsh predators. I usually work along the marsh grasses, casting my fly as close to the bank as possible and moving it slowly across the bottom through the current.

Redfish can offer a lot of fun to many anglers, as they are very abundant in the South East, and very accessible if you have marshy areas around. We recommend picking up a Postfly Saltwater Subscription fo make sure you’re always ready for your next Redfish adventure!

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