What’s in the Box: November 2019

We are truly in the depths of Fall right now, with Thanksgiving on the horizon and plenty of fishing action happening all over the country. On both sides of the USA, steelhead are in the midst of their Fall runs, and brown and brook trout are busy spawning and the East Coast is still on fire as the Stripers continue their run down the coast.

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Trout – East

Trout – West

This month we’re bringing our trout subscribers, a box of our biggest confidence flies trout are surely going to want to get their mouths on. Featuring an array of dries, nymphs and the ever classic black wooly bugger, these flies belong in every Fall fly box and mimic some of the most iconic hatches of late autumn and early winter!

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As water temperatures begin to fall in your favorite warm-water rivers, creeks, and lakes, the resident bass, carp, and panfish are putting on the feed bags before the long dark of winter. Featuring 2 Clousers that are sure to entice hungry predators when stripped slow near the bottom, and 3 versions of our favorite crayfish bug, perfect for cruising carp and smallmouth alike!

Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!

Salmon & Steelhead

Steelhead are on the move everywhere in the country, from the Great Lakes to the PNW. This collection of flies is sure to get the attention of the chrome you seek this fall. With browns and salmon still spawning in many systems, the egg patterns are sure to entice an eat or 2! Try trailing the leech behind one of the egg patterns to simulate a leech chasing an egg, which is sure to make any steelhead jealous enough to try and munch the egg.

Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


We’ve got the flats on our minds this month, so we gathered up our favorite shrimp patterns to share with our Tribe! No matter whether you’re casting to tailing redfish, bonefish or permit, these flies are sure to grab your target’s attention. We’ve also had a lot of success throwing these on the flats of New England during the springs and summers when stripers are on patrol in the skinny water.

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Guide Series Highlight: Hill City Socks & FishPond USA Sushi Roll

This month we’ve got cozy socks for your feet from Hill City, and an amazing fly storage system from our friends at FishPond USA. These socks are built for performance and wick moisture away from your feet to keep them warm and dry anytime you’re on the water.

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This Month’s Sticker

For November our in-house team assembled a handful of funky flies into the PFB initials. If you’re looking to make your own stickers, check out some vinyl stickers from our friends at Sticker Mule.

Fly Tying Videos:


Discover how to tie the Tungsten Auto Emerger, a deadly winter nymph sure to entice the wariest trout!


Learn to tie one of most iconic and productive shrimp fly patterns in existence!

Warm Water: The Craw Daddy

Whether you’re chasing carp, bass, or panfish this Fall, crawfish are always on the menu. Learn to tie one of our favorite crawfish patterns ever!

Weekend Chase: Fall Browns on the Rio Grande

How to Extend the Life of Your Fly Leaders

How to Cash in on Big Fall Smallmouth

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