What’s Inside The August Postfly Box?

Have you noticed that the bonfire has a little more snap to it on these cooler nights? The summer is already winding down, but there’s still plenty of time to get out there and chase some fish under the hot summer sun. The August boxes from Postfly are being put to good use all around the world, packed with the best flies, gear and swag around, hand-picked to help you catch fish.

I’ll be honest, we can’t wait for the cooler weather, winter beers and Fall fishing, but we’re happy to enjoy the summertime fishing as much as we can. There’s nothing better than watching a hungry trout slurp down a big hopper pattern off the surface or watch a school of striped bass slash at a bait ball crashing on top. My hands are shaking just thinking about it.

August Postfly Insert Cover
Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to get out and enjoy the good life while you still can.
The August Signature Tyer Is Sam Looper
Sam Looper’s Spineless Minnow is absolutely deadly on all kinds of species, but especially big warm water predators.

Coldwater anglers that are already looking forward to the Fall cool down can start tuning into the rising action by throwing patterns that’ll catch fish no matter if you’re sweating your butt off or freezing cold. From classic patterns like the Grizzly Adams, to realistic terrestrials like the Greenie Weenie, a great imitation of the thousands of inch worms hanging above your head on the river, these patterns will help you hook up.

The August Postfly Box Trout Fly Selection
When the waters get warm and low the right fly is an absolute must. Without the right fly, you’re just standing in a river waving a stick.
The August Postfly Saltwater And Steelhead Fly Selection
Summertime is the time for big saltwater fish and summer steelhead–there’s nothing better than catching a big fish in your board shorts.

There are so many warm water fish that fly anglers love to chase, but until recently carp were not one of those species. If you haven’t chased down a big golden ghost yet, get one to eat and you’ll see why these fish are some of the coolest you’ll find anywhere, and that’s the best part, you can find these fish anywhere.  Postfly ambassador Kyle Hinds has whipped up a full how to article devoted to chasing down these “poor man’s bonefish” and we can’t wait to put that knowledge to use. Word to the wise, carp are damn frustrating fish, but oh so worth it.

The August Warmwater Postfly Fly Selection
Carp are the coolest fish in freshwater and every fly angler should start chasing down these ugly, beauties.
How To Become A Carp Master
Postfly ambassador Kyle Hinds shares some expert tips for starting to fish for carp, aka the golden ghost.

Need to start warming up your fingers for the big tying marathons this cold, dark winter? Our Tribe members learned how to tie a foam hopper this August, because the best bug for a hungry brown trout is a fat, juicy hopper. Watch the video here to learn how to tie up this foam hopper if you still haven’t given it a shot on your own yet.

The August Postfly Freshwater Tying Recipe
Postfly tribe members learned how to tie the foam hopper, the go-to summer fly choice for chasing down everything from big bass to hungry browns.

For the saltier anglers, we know you like to chase down predators, the fish that aren’t afraid of taking down a big baitfish. This month’s pattern, the Fish-Skull Deceiver will let you hook up to fish that are ready for a fight, the ones not afraid to defend their territory, or the ones just looking for a big meal. Flymen Fishing Company’s Fish-Skull will make sure that any fish to get close won’t have a choice but to chomp down on this fly.

The August Postfly Saltwater Tying Recipe
Learn how to tie up the Fish-Skull Deceiver and start chasing down the coolest species in the salt.
The August Postfly Featured Tribe Member
Jake King of Montana was Postfly’s featured Tribe Member in the August box. Want to be featured? Sign up now and Join The Tribe.


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